More asset verifications, less time. Guaranteed.

Confirmation’s platform helps you quickly and easily verify financial data, like bank references, VOD, reverifications, and government benefits eligibility (HUD). Plus, we guarantee a response from in-network banks.

Confirmation 让您的审计轻松快捷

现在就观看了解 Confirmation 的安全审计平台如何帮助您完成银行、法律和应收/应付询证函业务。

One centralized, digital platform. Guaranteed responses.


Make more informed decisions before extending credit to your customers.

Guaranteed response

Over 1,000 banks, including 50 of the top 100, are in our network, and their responses are guaranteed.

Accurate Information

No more back-and-forth; our digital platform eliminates communication problems and user error.


It’s easy to create an account and start verifying financial data through our platform


Get your client's authorization (or simply upload it if you already have one)


Send your request to a financial institution